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In Big time stuff, Healthy shmealthy, The little roomies on January 2, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I realize this is redundant for those of you who know me from Facebook or Instagram, but my littlest girlfriend had her braces removed.  And just in time for the new year!


This was immediately following some rough treatment of her teeth and gums, unfortunately.  She is also wearing an Invisalign tray, which acts as her retainer.  My how things have changed from the days of my sister’s braces.  Luckily I was able to avoid braces myself, but I made up for it in cavities.

And speaking of cavities… I also had some dental work done to round out 2013 when I had the dentist remove all of my black amalgam fillings.  I did a lot of research on those old fillings, and even though everyone at the ADA says they’re perfectly healthy, I just didn’t feel comfortable carrying around a mouth full of unstable mercury in my mouth.  Whether it’s a placebo effect or real science, I am quite pleased with myself and my decision.  And, of course, with my dentist, who used all the best methods of removal to prevent mercury poisoning in the process (the dentist and hygienist also need to use precautions for their own health.)  I’m so pleased that I go to a dentist who stopped using amalgam a long time ago, so that my kids don’t have to go through the process of removal themselves.  Because, really, as a kid the only thing worse than getting a filling (well, besides a fluoride treatment, don’t even get me started…) is getting a filling removed and refilled.  I would know.  It took two visits to get my mouth whitened up (2.5 hours total with my mouth wide open, ugh!), and that was pushing it.  The dentist would have preferred I spread them among three visits, ideally, but two doses of Novocain were plenty for me.

If you are currently carrying amalgam fillings around with you in your mouth, I strongly suggest you do some of your own research on the mercury content in those old fillings (and the stability of the mercury) and make your own decision on how they could be affecting your body and mind.  For me, it just made sense to have them removed for health reasons.  Some people want them replaced for aesthetic reasons, and that’s all good, too.  I like laughing with my mouth wide open as much as the next gal!

I love one and done improvements, don’t you?  I mean technically it was two for me and almost two long years for little CC, but who’s counting?

It’s been a while

In Nothing to it but to do it, The bird on December 29, 2013 at 5:24 pm

I claimed to be starting anew.  I was trying to drum up my own interest in the old blog.  I had actually renewed the domain after letting it lapse and all of that.  Only, every time I came back I had the same feelings of sadness and loss and I just couldn’t do it.  Writers block and the whole lot, although I have five depressing-as-hell posts that were written and never published (thankfully! deleting those now…).  It’s Sunday night, which in itself may be a good reason to feel depressed.  Dammit, I cried today when I pulled up the page.

I forgot my password, even.

I don’t go to work tomorrow, though, so it blows my Sunday night excuse.  In the morning my little pumpkin gets her braces removed.  (YAY!!)  In the afternoon we take all the images and scans and X-rays to the surgeon to get the low down on what is going on with the boy’s back.  (BOO!!!)  It’s a mixed bag, and I’ll have to let ya know.

In the meantime, this is a belated Christmas wish for everyone.  I hope eyes were dry and laughter could be heard all the way out on the driveway!  I hear wishes do come true.


Speaking of which, last night I dreamt that I was dating Shaun White. I guess Olympic fever is officially in full swing.

Bag O’ you know what

In Punishment for what? on February 27, 2013 at 9:21 pm

I keep trying to be “over it.” Really, I do.

This week, for some reason, has been hard.

I have been thinking a lot about Janet, and really lamenting my regrets. As I told my husband, I don’t ever want to be a good friend to someone when they are dieing again, I would much rather be a good friend while someone is living. A good middle friend, AND then continuing later when they are dieing, if necessary (although I hope not).

Not that I didn’t think that I was a good friend to Janet at the time, but hindsight is always 20/20. Just as she told me what she would have done differently “if she had only known,” I would have done things differently as well, in regards to our friendship. I would have taken her up on more invitations when we were young, regardless of my finances. I would have called her more when she lived far away. I would have saved her Christmas cards, and I would have bought her a birthday gift every year. I would have made sure she always knew she was important and loved,not just at the end.

And it haunts me.

I’m not saying that I am stuck in a constant state of despair, but I’ve not yet made it to the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I don’t know if that even exists anymore, truly.

I’m hoping this is normal. Generally Janet would have reassured me that this is normal. We probably would have discussed it ad nauseum.


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